Live In America

Live In America
Paco de Lucía

Live In America


The live experience of Paco de Lucía’s Sextet is a revelation. Many are those who have become staunch supporters of the genius from Algeciras after having been present at one of the concerts. The rapport between the members of the group, the surprising communion in the making of music produces brilliant moments which live in the memories of many fans all over the world. This album was recorded on a tour of the USA in 1992, and it was the second live recording of The Sextet (before came Live One Summer Night, 1984 which included large parts of the repertoire found on Siroco and Zyryab).
Paco de Lucía’s Sextet: Benavent, Pardo, Dantas and Paco’s brothers, Ramón and Pepe, were later joined by Manuel Soler, percussionist and bailaor, who brought both his dancing and his formidable playing of the cajón to the devastating sound of the group.
Once recorded, with the material already selected and the record was already mixed, a technical fault occurred which meant they had to start over again. After working against the clock, it was released on the 29th November 1993.

  • Paco de Lucía: Guitar
  1. Mi niño Curro (Rondeña)
  2. La Barrosa (Alegría)
  3. Alcázar de Sevilla (Bulería)
  4. Peroche (Tanguillos
  5. Tío Sabas (Taranta)
  6. Soniquete (Bulería)
  7. Zyryab
  8. Buana buana King Kong (Rumba)


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Buana Buana King Kong (Rumba)