Paco’s favourites

These are the albums I value the most, because they are the ones I devoted my greatest efforts to, the ones I consider as forming my creative career in flamenco, the ones that made me struggle the most and the ones I most enjoyed.


You can find in them the work that projects my development as a musician from the beginning. Apart from pure creational albums, in this category I have included some live albums – also a reflection of my experience - and an anthology of which I chose the tracks.

My complete discography is comprised of some other albums, some of which are versions I recorded in my youth, advised by record labels that were looking for more commercial styles than flamenco.

Other albums are anthologies. You can also find the work I recorded with Al Di Mcola y Me Laughlin that, in spite of being very important for my evolution as a musician, they were a parenthesis in my work dedicated to flamenco.

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